Verizon and Amazon have teamed up to release a seven-piece version of the latter’s Ring Alarm Security Kit home system.

The new home security kit is compatible with Verizon’s LTE cellular data, addressing a previous potential flaw in the Ring’s security blanket, which relies on WiFi to deliver alerts and offer real-time video monitoring. 

With the LTE-enabled Ring Alarm Security Kit, the device can remain connected to the Internet even if a home’s WiFi network is dropped or disabled.

The partnership also includes a discount for Verizon customers, as the kit, normally priced at $229.99, will be discounted by $50 with the purchase of a new smartphone or $100 with the purchase of a new Motorola smartphone. 

The $10 monthly subscription fee, which includes LTE data coverage and 60-day video storage, will be charged through customers’ existing Verizon accounts.


The strengthened partnership between Verizon and Amazon is likely a sign of more to come in the near future.

Verizon has been one of the initial leaders in deploying 5G networks in the US, with the company anticipating an ever-increasing number of Internet-connected devices to rely on cellular data rather than WiFi.

“By combining our leading network with Amazon’s unique products and services, we’re providing premium access, experiences and integrated offers for our customers in entertainment, connectivity and now, home security,” noted Brian Higgins, Senior Vice President of Device and Consumer Product Marketing at Verizon.

Meanwhile, Amazon has positioned its Alexa voice assistant—which is compatible with the Ring Alarm Security Kit—as a de facto controller for the Internet of Things. The partnership with Verizon could pave the way for making more of Amazon’s devices, such as its Echo speakers or Fire tablets, LTE-compatible.