Home security, be it an alarm system, electric fencing or security gates are an important amenity in single-standing homes in South Africa. 

As technology develops, so do our home security systems. 

For those who want that extra bit of assurance that they are safe on their property, a camera system may provide that comfort. 

Camera systems though are not 100% fool-proof as they have blind spots and surveillance footage can be tampered with. 

They are also incredibly expensive as they require professional installation of multiple cameras at different spots. 

Thus, the video doorbell was born. This invention allows home owners to see who is at their front door without the awkward interaction of asking “Who’s there?”. 

It’s also amazing as it can double up as a security measure. 

Security camera meets doorbell 

The Ring Security kit is officially available in South Africa and the product is the ultimate smart security system. 

Designed to replace your regular doorbell and sit on your front door or right next to it, a video doorbell has a camera inside. It allows you to check who is ringing on your phone, tablet, or computer without opening the door or peeking out of a window. You can also carry on a two-way conversation with whoever is there.

How do you install it? 

Ring video doorbells are designed to be easy to install, and everything you need to mount one is included in the box. They have rechargeable batteries inside and connect to your Wi-Fi network. In some cases, they can also be wired in using your existing doorbell wiring, but you may prefer to hire a professional to do that.  

How do you use it? 

The Ring video doorbell can detect motion and will also alert you when somebody rings the bell. You can receive alerts on your phone, tablet, smart display, or PC. Not only can you see who is there, you can also talk to and hear them thanks to the microphone and speaker. 


Ring security kits start at:

Door View Cam: R 3,499.00

Video Doorbell 2: R 3,499.00

Video Doorbell 3: R 3,499.00

Video Doorbell Pro: R 5,499.00

Video Doorbell Elite is currently on sale for R 7,999.00

To purchase any of the above visit the Ring website here.