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The magic is returning to Orlando in July. Whether or not it’ll be wise to chase that magic by then remains to be seen.

The Walt Disney World theme park will begin its phased re-opening to the public starting on July 11, with the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom parks opening first. The re-opening of Epcot and Hollywood Studios will begin a few days later, on July 15.

Guests who want to visit any of these parks in the midst of the ongoing pandemic will need to make a reservation. The plan is to open with a limitation place on each park’s maximum capacity. That limit will then increase over time as Florida’s Orange County stages its wider phased reopening. 

Guests will have their temperature checked upon entering the park, and social distancing rules will be enforced. Masks will also be a requirement for every attendee, and they must be worn in the parks at all times. 

The only exception to that rule will be in designated “relaxation zones” where guests will be able to step away from the crowds and temporarily free their faces.

The parks will be dotted with signs explaining Disney’s health and safety measures. The signs will make the rules on masks, social distancing, and temperature checks clear, as well as point the way to cleaning stations.

Disney shared the news on Wednesday during a meeting of the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force, as WDW News Today reported. It should be noted that the dates and safety measures revealed so far are merely a proposal for the time being; the plan will first need to be approved by Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, and then by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

Of course, Florida’s reopening plan has been proceeding at a breakneck pace, so the chances of approval for a plan to reopen one of the state’s biggest tourist traps seems like an inevitability. Needless to say, if July 11 rolls around and you’re still not feeling safe outside your home, you should probably wait on planning any Disney World trips.

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