Apple became the first US company reach a market value of $2 trillion on Wednesday, a number that’s doubled since 2018.

Hard Fork figured we’d celebrate Apple’s milestone by demonstrating its dominance, not just in 2020, but over the past half-decade too.

And considering how painfully cliché Apple has become, what with its penchant for dongles and lust for peddling iPhones without chargers, we figured a bar chart race would suit perfectly.

So, click play on the visualization below and observe Apple’s market value triple in just five years, leaving the rest of the NASDAQ 100 in the dirt.

(NB: If it doesn’t load automatically, try refreshing this page in your browsers “Desktop Mode.”)

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So, now that Apple’s officially in the double-trill club, one big question remains: Who’s next, Microsoft or Amazon?

Published August 19, 2020 — 18:52 UTC

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