The cast of The Family Stone.
20th Century Studios

There are plenty of heartwarming family Christmas movies that will just make you feel good to have loved ones. The Family Stone is not one of those movies, although it’s definitely a Christmas flick! This 2005 dramady tends to veer more toward drama than comedy, but there are definitely a lot of funny moments at the expense of Meredith Morton (Sarah Jessica Parker). Meredith is the girlfriend of Everett Stone (Dermot Mulroney), and she is dreading the idea of spending the holidays with the Stone family because she doesn’t fit in with her potential in-laws. And the family really doesn’t like Meredith at all.

Desperate for any kind of emotional backup, Meredith calls her sister, Julie Morton (Claire Danes), to join her for Christmas with the Stone family. But much to everyone’s surprise, Everett and Julie soon start to show more chemistry as a couple than Meredith does with her own boyfriend. That’s only one of the reasons why there’s going to be an emotional reckoning before this Christmas is over.

Now that you know the setup for the film, it’s time to tell you where you can watch The Family Stone.

Where is The Family Stone streaming?

The cast of The Family Stone.
20th Century Studios

This year, Fubo is the only option that movie lovers have to stream The Family Stone. That said, it is also available to rent or purchase via Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube, and Apple TV+.

Watch The Family Stone on Fubo.

Who stars in The Family Stone?

The cast of The Family Stone.
20th Century Studios

Director and screenwriter Thomas Bezucha assembled a really terrific cast for The Family Stone. In addition to Parker, Mulroney, and Danes, the film features Diane Keaton as Sybil Stone, with Craig T. Nelson as her husband, Kelly Stone. The rest of the Stone family children include Luke Wilson as Ben Stone, Elizabeth Reaser as Susannah Stone Trousdale, Tyrone Giordano as Thad Stone, and Rachel McAdams as Amy Stone.

Brian J. White co-stars as Thad’s partner, Patrick Thomas, alongside Jamie Kaler as John Trousdale and Paul Schneider as Brad Stevenson.

As a trivia note, The Family Stone opened on December 16, 2005, and finished in third place in its opening weekend behind two juggernauts: Peter Jackson’s King Kong and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Regardless, The Family Stone went on to make a very respectable $60 million in the U.S. and $92 million worldwide on its way toward becoming a Christmas staple.

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