Erm… message to Mobiles Phone Direct: Black Friday was last week!

We sat patiently on November 27 waiting for a really special iPhone 12 deal to become available from one of the UK’s online phone retailers. But it never came, so we had to point readers to the stellar iPhone 11 deals that really crashed in price, instead.

One week on and MPD has delivered the kind of iPhone 12 deal that we were really hoping for. Gone are the £40-odd bills and/or hundreds of pounds upfront. And in comes a tariff on Three that will cost you just £37 a month and £99.99 at the start.

And you don’t even have to scrimp on allowances, as this iPhone 12 deal delivers unlimited calls, texts, and data.

Simply put, nobody comes close to topping this offer right now. So if you’ve been checking and double-checking the best iPhone 12 deals only to be left as disappointed as us, your time has finally arrived…

Why should I get an iPhone 12 deal?

Compared to the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, there is a far bigger leap in terms of differences and upgrades from the 11 to the shiny new iPhone 12. Some of these are, aesthetically, far more obvious than what sits under the hood. In short, though, the iPhone 12 is certainly deserving of the excitement that surrounded it in the lead up to its unveiling.

In a design that we haven’t seen since Apple’s first iteration of the iPhone SE, the iPhone 12 ditches the curves and returns to squared-off edges. This allows the Super Retina XDR display to sit more flush beneath the protective Ceramic Shield. Of course, as an OLED panel, this is something to truly marvel at, especially as this is the first time Apple has offered its most premium display across all devices, with the XR and 11’s far less vivid LCD panel well and truly ditched.

iPhone 12

(Image credit: Apple)

Under the hood there is plenty to be excited about, too. Powered by the A14 Bionic chipset, Apple continues to hurtle ahead in terms of providing a fast, powerful processor. Of course, this is also Apple’s first line-up of 5G-equipped handsets, meaning you’ll be benefit from faster download speeds and more reliable bandwidth, too.

The camera performance has been increased in both low light photography and HDR 4K video, with the same dual set-up seen on the iPhone 11.

Apple has also come up with a new concept – Magsafe, snapping your phone into place on a wireless charger and allowing for magnetic attachments for your phone.

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