As you skim through this year’s best Black Friday TV deals it’s easy to have your eyes drawn to £500+ savings that can be had on the best (and most expensive) televisions available today.

Compared to these massive deals, a measly £80 saving against a budget LCD doesn’t seem anywhere near as impressive – though that doesn’t mean you should dismiss it right away.

We’ve been testing out Toshiba’s UK31 smart TV – one of the best the brand has released in 2021 – and while it may not be as visually stunning as the latest LG OLED, it offers a great 4K picture quality with some impressive TRU picture software for enhancing whatever you’re watching.

If you’re still stuck with an older HD TV and finally want to upgrade to 4K or are after a second TV to put in your bedroom or kid’s playroom then this 2021 TV is a fantastic choice – especially with this year’s Black Friday deals that have knocked the price down even further.

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Toshiba’s UK31 is one of the brand’s latest TVs for 2021. This 4K smart display comes with Dolby Vision and HDR to maximize its viewing experience, as well as an inbuilt TRU picture engine that automatically upscale images, provides smart contrast, and provides smoother motion to keep up with fast-paced action.

With Dolby Atmos support the system’s sound codec can allow for awesome audio if you have the right setup – the TV’s speakers do an okay job but a dedicated soundbar wouldn’t go amiss.

The UK31’s sleek frame and design don’t give off the impression this is a budget TV and you can also mount it on your wall for maximum decadence.

There are some issues with the set though, the biggest problem is the OS which is in dire need of an update. While you’ll find apps for Netflix and Amazon Prime there’s no Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, or Spotify meaning you can’t natively watch great shows like The Mandolarian and Ted Lasso.

You’ll also find that the TV’s Alexa integration isn’t much to write home about either, unless you’re already integrated into the Amazon smart home ecosystem then you’ll find Alexa to be more of an annoying gimmick than a genuinely useful tool.

However Alexa can be switched off and the OS woes can be easily solved with a streaming stick – and cheaply too if you shop around for the best Chromecast or Fire TV stick Black Friday deals.

The only concern that’s left is that the TV’s picture quality is less world-shattering than more expensive sets. However, at under half of the cost of the cheapest OLED screen (even after this year’s Black Friday deals), it’s a problem that you easily look past in the search for a bargain.

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The Toshiba UK31 also comes in a 43-inch size which is much cheaper than the 58-inch version above. If you’re after an even better deal or can’t find space for a 58-inch telly then check out the best deals we’ve found below.

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