Short-form mobile video service Quibi now supports Apple’s AirPlay protocol, which means you’ll be able to stream content from Quibi on your phone to AirPlay-enabled TVs and devices.

Quibi is also “working hard” to have support for Chromecast available in June, according to Tom Conrad, chief product officer at Quibi. That should let Android users cast content from the Quibi app to their TVs as well, once it’s rolled out.

It first came to light that Quibi would be offering some sort of way to stream shows to TVs from the iOS app in a May 11th article in The New York Times, though at that time, it was unclear if Quibi would be using AirPlay.

Quibi’s app still has a number of limitations that make Quibi content difficult to share. Users can’t take screenshots, for example, meaning that it’s difficult for users to post screenshots from shows on social media. In an interview with The New York Times, Katzenberg did say that users will soon be able to share Quibi content on social media, though it’s unclear exactly how, or if the restrictions on screenshots will be lifted.

Quibi, which launched on April 6th, has 1.3 million active users, the company informed The New York Times. That’s significantly lower than many competing streaming services. Disney Plus, by contrast, has nearly 55 million subscribers. To be fair, Disney Plus has been available since November 2019 — but it also beat Quibi on usage out of the gate, picking up more than 10 million subscribers on its first day.