Google has just added a new security option to the Google Drive app for iOS and iPadOS. The new Privacy Screen feature lets iPhone and iPad secure their files using the Face ID and Touch ID options offered by their devices.

With Privacy Screen enabled, access to the files stored in your cloud account will only be possible by unlocking with your face or fingerprint. Google says that it is a way to “protect your sensitive files from prying eyes”, but it’s not perfect.

When you configure the Privacy Screen feature, Google warns that it “may not protect” certain things. This includes notification, certain Siri functionality, files shared with the Files app, and photos shared with the Photos app. However, it does add an extra layer of protection, which is to be welcomed.

There aren’t many options to configure for Privacy Screen, but your can choose how quickly the lock kicks in. The most secure – and possibly most annoying option – is to have the lock activated as soon as you switch to another app.

Lock it up

However, it’s possible to delay the lock by 10 seconds, a minute, or 10 minutes to allow you slightly more flexibility. This will make life rather less annoying if you find that you are constantly switching between apps, and you will be able to choose the setting that best suits you.

To take advantage of the Privacy Screen secure feature, you need to be running at least version 4.2020.18204 of Google Drive on your iPhone or iPad. You should check for updates to get this version, or grab it directly from the App Store.

Via The Verge

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