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Zac Efron isn’t acting in his new Netflix show. He’s hosting a travel series called Down to Earth, which seems like it’ll be a mix of a food diary and an environmental documentary.

While not exactly what you’d expect from Efron, the preview looks pretty entertaining. Basically, it’s got a famous bro going around the world eating stuff and learning stuff. 

The trailer shows the actor bringing wide-eyed enthusiasm as he looks for “new perspectives on some very old problems.” Chiefly: food, water, and energy. Also, at some point, they come across something described as a “community fart bag.” So there’s that.

The thesis of the show seems to be, as Efron puts it in the trailer, “change is an inside job,” meaning it’s up to people to solve the mess we made on our planet.  

Down to Earth debuts on July 10. 

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