Remember how I said there are a lot of Japan-themed snack boxes out there. Bokksu is another, but it takes a slightly different approach. Rather than focusing solely on Tokyo, candy, or ramen, Bokksu’s monthly boxes revolve around various Japanese regions. You might get an Osaka-themed box, a cherry-blossom box, or a box full of cultural foods significant to a rural Japanese island. If you want boxes full of typical kawaii Japanese snacks, there are others on this list that might be a better fit. But if you’re like me and you’ve already tried several Japanese snacks, Bokksu will expand your horizons.

The first Bokksu is themed around Japan’s seasons. It’s pretty incredible—offering tea, crackers, chips, mochi, hard candy, cakes, and a bunch of other delightful morsels. If you want spoilers, you can view the full list here. You can choose between Classic (20-25 snacks) or Tasting (10-14 snacks) size options.

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