The Opus is Razer’s first pair of high-end luxury headphones. They’re a little different from Razer’s usual fare. They’re sleek, luxurious, and you won’t get any second glances wearing them in public. There aren’t even any glowing snakes, the logo that Razer usually slaps onto all its products—just a slick midnight blue finish and plush leatherette earcups. They work wired or wireless (Bluetooth), plus there’s powerful active noise cancellation, THX-Certified audio quality, and 20 hours of battery life.

The mic gets the job done, and features reliable noise isolation, but it’s a little quiet since it doesn’t have a boom that sticks out in front of your face. Most importantly, they produce rich, resonant sound, whether you’re listening to music or exploring a haunted skyscraper in Control. —Jess Grey

Works everywhere (wired), PC, Mobile (wireless)

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