Oh, the woes of life during a pandemic. 

Many activities are being done remotely — either via conference call or Zoom or whatever else — and that includes Supreme Court oral arguments. 

The thing about conference calls and virtual meetings is it is ripe with opportunities for uncomfortable mistakes. The Supreme Court proved this on Wednesday. 

During oral arguments for Barr v. American Assn. of Political Consultants, a case involving robocall legislation, someone must have forgotten to mute their microphone because the distinct sound of a toilet flush could be heard over the livestream. 

I mean the sound was just as clear as day, coming from the background and interrupting lawyer Roman Martinez as he spoke.

It wasn’t totally clear who flushed during the livestream. But it’s hard to deny the flush happened.

Yikes. Big yikes. Huge yikes.

Please, dear friends, remember to mute your microphone. 

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