At the moment we don’t know when Amazon Prime Day 2020 is, as it’s certainly missed its expected July delivery slot at this point, but it looks like it could happen some time in October, according to leaked promotional material.

This promotional material comes from Braun (via T3) stating ‘In mid-October, Braun will be taking part in Amazon Prime Day’. If we were to put on our best thinking caps and do an analytical deep-dive into the meaning of this text, we’d suggest this means Amazon Prime Day could be happening in October.

Now take this information with a pinch of salt – it could be a place-holder date they forgot to replace, or just their own prediction based on numerous reports that October will be the Prime Day month –  and it’d be curious for Amazon to give permission to a brand to go live with the date before the company itself has confirmed it, after all.

But right now ‘mid-October’ is our best guess at a date for the Amazon deals event. That’s quite a vague date, and you can’t exactly mark two-and-a-bit weeks in your calendar, but we can try and do better and cut down the dates by a bit.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 – when is it?

October is 31 days long – it starts on a Thursday and ends on a Saturday. By the wording of the advert ‘mid-October’, we’d feel safe in ruling out the first and last full weeks, as they’re not ‘mid-October’ at all.

It’s also unlikely Amazon will host the day or days of deals during a weekend, as the company hasn’t placed Prime Day on Saturday or Sunday.

That leaves the Amazon Prime Day start date to fall between October 12 (a Monday) and October 23 (a Friday), ruling out October 17 and 18 (that weekend). That’s still ten days it could fall between, but you’ll find yourself ruling out a lot less of your money-saving calendar if you take this advice.

Our guesswork here is just that – speculation, and admittedly based on information that might not turn out to be correct. But we have nothing else to go on at the moment, so this at least corroborates the October date multiple outlets have suggested.