Update: August 14, 2.10am PT: Fall Guys is undergoing more maintenance, so expect temporary issues as the developers prepare for the weekend.

Update: August 13, 8.02am PT: Fall Guys was experiencing a short period of maintenance earlier today, but the developers say the game is now back.

Update 10: August 11, 7.50am PT: Fall Guys maintenance was underway this morning, but has since been completed. Hopefully you’re not having issues with the game…

Update 9: August 10, 14.34pm PT: Fall Guys should be up and running again, following an outage, but we are still seeing some reports on Twitter saying they’re having some issues with the servers.

Update 8: August 10, 10.17am PT: Fall Guys is officially having more server trouble, based on Twitter reports. Developer Mediatonic has now responded, saying it’s aware of the issues, and that a fix is in the works – hopefully it’s a temporary problem after a largely successful weekend. 

Update 7, August 8, 6.49am PT: Fall Guys’ servers should be in better shape based on the latest update. We’ll keep you informed.

Update 6, August 8, 4.16am PT: Fall Guys developer Mediatonic acknowledged the server issues with the game on Friday, saying that it marked an all-new record number of players coming into the game, which is creating issues. A “longer-term fix” is now in the works, with the team going into “maintenance mode”. 

The team then followed up with this update on Satuday morning, saying the game would go into maintenance again, before the game would start coming back online once more:

The developer has also mentioned extra rewards for players when the game is running effectively. 

Update 5, August 7, 11.49am PT: Still having problems with Fall Guys’ servers? You’re not alone, but the devs are working on a fix. The latest update says the developers will announce when there’s a fix and the game has stabilized, and the aim is to get the game sorted for the weekend.

Update 4, August 7, 11.03am PT: Yes, Fall Guys is still having server issues. The developer’s server status account has posted another update confirming that there are issues and that the team is working on fixing it. There have seemingly been no further developments at the time of writing.

Update 3, August 7, 2.14am PT: The developer’s latest update says that server maintenance is still being worked on. We’ve still been having trouble staying in games on PC as of last night. So, hang tight…

Update 2, August 6, 8.22am PT: Fall Guys is indeed having server trouble, but the developer’s Twitter server status account says a fix is coming. 

Separately, a patch is coming for the game with a bunch of fixes. 

Update: We’ve been able to get into a game of Fall Guys on PS4 – so it might be worth checking again and seeing if it works for you. Today we’ve had matchmaking issues just getting into a game, though, after multiple attempts.

Demand is incredibly high for the game, and the developers have posted this message, explaining that account creation on PS4 is temporarily disabled while the servers are coming back online:

Things are “slowly coming back online” according to the official account. A more recent tweet says “Hopefully server issues will continue to improve.”

Original story: Fall Guys is now available on PS Plus, and it’s the new multiplayer hotness on PS4 – so hot, in fact, that players are encountering ‘No Match Found’ error when trying to get a game. Luckily, the developers at Mediatonic are working on a fix. 

At least 120,000 players were playing the game at launch earlier today – well beyond expectations, and leading to the developers saying they were “beefing up” their servers to deal with demand. The hope was the game would be fixed within 30 minutes of this tweet, and that matchmaking would be switched off while that happened, but more than an hour later, we’re getting this message in-game:

(Image credit: Future)

As of early afternoon UK time, the developers said on the official account that they’re “still fixing things”. A later message says “lots of progress” is being made on the issue. 

Hopefully, it’ll be fixed at some point today, then – we’ll keep you updated on the latest. 

In terms of player numbers, this looks like a promising start for Fall Guys. This 60-player multiplayer game sees each participant racing their character across TV game show-style physical obstacles, with everyone racing to the end of the course to claim a crown. Fall Guys has launched on PS4 and PC, though it’s free with PS Plus for a month, similar to how Rocket League launched back in 2015.