Cyberattacks on hospitals have increased significantly during the pandemic which is why Bitdefender has announced that it will offer its enterprise-grade security solutions free of charge to all healthcare organizations worldwide through the end of June.

Healthcare organizations of all sizes, from small dental practices to large hospitals, can visit this page to request free access to the company’s products. Bitdefender will also offer their professional services and advanced technologies such as network traffic security and analytics to larger organizations.

According to the firm’s telemetry, malicious reports related to Covid-19 have increased by more than 475 percent in March. The largest number of malicious reports have been registered in the US, Turkey, France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, Romania and Thailand as cybercriminals’ malware campaigns have primarily targeted countries with high numbers of positive coronavirus cases.

Protecting healthcare organizations

In a press release, CEO of Bitdefender, Florin Talpes explained why the firm is offering its security solutions to healthcare organizations for free during this difficult time, saying:

“Hackers have acted opportunistically and unethically, taking advantage of this time of uncertainty to deliver malware, conduct phishing, and perform online fraud against the organizations affected most. We are thankful for the work of healthcare professionals worldwide and aim to support them by providing protection for their organizations’ sensitive information in a way that assures operational continuity and lets them focus on treating patients and slowing the spread of this virus.”

Healthcare organizations will be able to access Bitdefender’s enterprise security solutions through the end of June but they will also have the opportunity to extend access for up to a total of 12 months at a time depending on their needs.

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