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I don’t know about you, but sitting in a dark enclosed space with a bunch of strangers does not sound super ideal to me right now. Yep, I’m talking about movie theaters. Even as we head into phases where theaters can start to open back up, you won’t find me there — especially after AMC wasn’t going to require masks to avoid “political controversy.” 

You might be in the same boat here where you’re missing the big screen experience but won’t be stepping foot in a movie theater for who knows how long. Until then, you can turn your home or backyard into a theater with a projector. You’ll just need a screen or flat, plain surface to project on to get a legit theater setup — plus, the snacks will be a hell of a lot cheaper.

We found a few indoor and outdoor projectors on sale as of June 29.

Take this portable projector outside or keep it indoors. It’s wireless, allowing you to project from your laptop, tablet, or phone while moving about freely. It does also have HDMI and MHL ports as backup. Even in bright rooms, you’ll get pretty true color from this projector — it has impressive 1080p definition.

Where to buy:

Amazon | Best Buy

Weighing in at just over a pound, this lightweight and portable projector is easily accessible for outdoor screening. It’s got both WiFi and Bluetooth for a totally wireless experience, but also features an HDMI port. The battery offers up to two hours of playback, so don’t try to watch a Marvel movie without being plugged in. 

You have the option to project wirelessly or via a USB-C and HDMI cables with this LG projector. It streams in Full HD and has Bluetooth pairing for external speakers or headphones. You’ll get super clear visuals with nice colors and can run the projector for up to two and a half hours without being plugged in.

Where to buy:

Amazon | Best Buy

This tiny portable projector is the size and shape of a Bluetooth speaker, so you’ll have no problem transporting it to wherever you want to watch a movie or TV. It displays in Full HD and puts out cinematic sound. One of the coolest features is Android TV 9.0 built in, giving you quick access to tons of streaming.

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