Chinese electric vehicle maker Arcfox has announced that it is working on a luxury electric vehicle that will feature Huawei’s Harmony OS. The operating system is necessary for running the vehicle among other things, which constitutes a major chunk of being an electric vehicle. 

This new vehicle has been named Arcfox Alpha S HBT where the HBT stands for Huawei Bluepark Together. This is set to be the first vehicle ever to receive HI solution for self-driving EVs.

The Arcfox Alpha S HBT will apparently feature a combination of Huawei systems. A WeChat post made by BAIC Blue Park New Energy Technology, Arcfox’s owning company shared some key details about how the automotive systems of the car would be working.

The Arcfox Alpha S HBT is set to come with HiCar smart display along with lidar technology which will be connected by high-speed 5G connectivity to provide level-3 autonomous driving. This was communicated through the teaser that the company shared on Weibo. 

As for the self-driving capabilities of the car, the company says that it would require the attention of the driver in most cases, as they may have to intervene to ensure an accident does not happen. 

The Arcfox AlphaS HBT will be showcased at the Shangai Motor Show that is set for April 17 and will be joined by three other vehicles from the company. According to a spokesperson, “It is a next-generation, intelligent and purely electric luxury sedan jointly built by Arcfox and Huawei.”

As for Huawei, its rotating chairman Ken Hu confirmed that the company does not plan to develop and market their own vehicles, and will collaborate with other car makers to provide the Huawei HI system. 

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