The new Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 is as polarizing as smartphones get, with the entire design meant to handle the phone horizontally and components placed in the centre. However, that might just be its weakest point too – figuratively and literally.

Unveiled on April 8, the Lenovo Legion Phone 2 is one of the most over-the-top smartphones of the season — gaming or otherwise — with a side-ways pop-up camera, cooling fans, multiple ultrasonic triggers for gaming, a 144Hz display, dual stereo speakers and RGB lighting. Similar to the Asus ROG Phone 5, it has a redesigned internal structure with battery cells on the top and bottom, and the chipset and cameras in the centre. As ingenious as that is, it brings in other challenges such as lower durability. 

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YouTuber Zack aka JerryRigEverything uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, testing the Lenovo Legion Phone 2’s durability with his usual slew of scratch, burn and bend tests. While the Lenovo Legion Phone 2 did fine in the first two, it broke in two during the latter – and in three when he tried a little harder. Interestingly, the Gorilla Glass 5 display did not break. 

The central camera mound, which also houses the selfie camera, cooling fans and the processor stack. On either side of the island is a 2,750mAh cell, which can be charged at up to 45W individually and a whopping 90W via dual-turbo charging. Unfortunately for the Lenovo Legion Phone 2, plastic cutouts for the antenna bands are also located at the intersection of these two parts.

With most modern phones made of metal, they need to have sections made of plastic to let the antennas latch on to a network. On the Lenovo Legion Phone 2, the antenna lines are placed right opposite each other, bringing the two weak points on the same plane. With no internal reinforcement or a solid battery across the centre holding things in place, the phone did not survive the durability test.

It needs to be noted that such tests are pretty extreme in nature, and unlikely to be matched in real-life usage. As a Lenovo Legion Phone 2 user, unless you try this stunt yourself, sit on it all the time, or never use a case, you should be fine.

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