Someone mention some Darths?
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Star Wars, a franchise barely anyone talks about these days, is primarily known for three things: stars, the existence of wars among them, and some really incredible (and incredibly silly) naming conventions. The fearsome Sith Lords of the Dark Side are no exception, and in light of their own equally silly day of celebration—Revenge of the Fifth—we have come to judge them.


What makes the Sith especially silly even in the relatively grand, relatively silly scheme of things that is the entirety of Star Wars is that, more often than not, these names are chosen. When a practitioner of the Dark Side officially reaches the rank of a Sith Lord, their Darth honorific is what they, or their master, choose to represent their power, their influence, their sheer evil. Or, frankly, just how much of an edgelord making their Original Character Do Not Steal, but the character is literally themselves.


Some poor bastard had to be born Dodd Rancit. Someone chose to be known as Darth Hexid. And with that, let’s get to the rankings. Be forewarned: There’s no dearth of Darths in the galaxy far, far away.

God, Legacy was a whole-ass lot.

God, Legacy was a whole-ass lot.
Image: Chris Trevas (Del Rey)

142) Darth Krist-Ov

141) Darth Andru

140) Darth Gean

139) Darth Xarion

138) Darth Nostrem

137) Darth Luft

136) Darth Xedrix

135) Darth Talon

134) Darth Tanis

133) Darth Atrius

132) Darth Phobos

131) Darth Nostrem


130) Darth Gorgos

129) Darth Azamin

128) Darth Arctis

127) Darth Mortis

126) Darth Krall

125) Darth Anathel

124) Darth Caedus

123) Darth Lokess

122) Darth Betton

121) Darth Silthar

120) Darth Caldoth

119) Darth Nacheria

118) Darth Igrol

117) Darth Krovos

116) Darth Lachris

115) Darth Nurin

114) Darth Achelon

113) Darth Decimus

Darth Sion needs a better skincare routine.

Darth Sion needs a better skincare routine.
Image: Obsidian


112) Darth Sion

111) Darth Cognus

110) Darth Vurik

109) Darth Acina

108) Darth Chratis

107) Darth Gravus

106) Darth Jadus

105) Darth Vectivus

104) Darth Soverus

103) Darth Sajar

102) Darth Zannah

101) Darth Mekhis

100) Darth Zavakon

99) Darth Rauder

98) Darth Bandon

97) Darth Hadra

96) Darth Immern

95) Darth Acharon


94) Darth Victun

93) Darth Viktus

92) Darth Vitus

91) Darth Vich

90) Darth Serevin

89) Darth Glovoc

88) Darth Andeddu

87) Darth Nyriss

86) Darth Qalar

85) Darth Skotia

84) Darth Arho

83) Darth Savik

82) Darth Aruk

81) Darth Caba

80) Darth Jaga

79) Darth Ordrem

78) Darth Shaar

77) Darth Ikoral

76) Darth Zash

75) Darth Minax

74) Darth Voren

73) Darth Karrid

72) Darth Arkous

71) Darth Chratis

70) Darth Nox

Darth Ruin, presumably in the moment he discovered “Darth Ruin” wasn’t taken.

Darth Ruin, presumably in the moment he discovered “Darth Ruin” wasn’t taken.
Image: Tommy Lee Edwards (Del Rey)


69) Darth Ruin

68) Darth Havok

67) Darth Ravage

66) Darth Bane

65) Darth Reave

64) Darth Howl

63) Darth Synn

62) Darth Synar

61) Darth Desolous

60) Darth Wredd

59) Darth Skrye

58) Darth Guile

57) Darth Arrid

56) Darth Marr

55) Darth Vax

54) Darth Thanaton

53) Darth Vowrawn

52) Darth Traya

51) Darth Baras


50) Darth Fastus 

49) Darth Malora

48) Darth Malak

47) Darth Perash

46) Darth Rivan

45) Darth Revan

44) Darth Atroxa

43) Darth Vader

42) Darth Val

41) Darth Gravid

40) Darth Rictus

39) Darth Ouzal

38) Darth Angral

37) Darth Malus

36) Darth Malgus

35) Darth Vua

34) Darth Krayt

33) Darth Azard

32) Darth Hexid

31) Darth Ekkage

30) Darth Venemal

29) Darth Stryfe

28) Darth Tenebrous 

27) Darth Ramage

Legacy continuing to be Extremely Extra with Darth Nihl.

Legacy continuing to be Extremely Extra with Darth Nihl.
Image: Jan Duursema (Dark Horse/Marvel Comics)


26) Darth Nihl

25) Darth Nihilus

24) Darth Shattra

23) Darth Tyranus

22) Darth Atroph

21) Darth Kruhl

20) Darth Vengean

19) Darth Zhorrid

18) Darth Wyyrlok I and Darth Wyyrlok II

17) Darth Karnage

16) Darth Wyyrlok III

15) Darth Iratus

14) Darth Tormen

13) Darth Scabrous

12) Darth Maul

11) Darth Maleval


Image: Chris Trevas (Del Rey)


10) Darth Vilus

9) Darth Kallous 

8) Darth Ruyn

7) Darth Sidious

6) Darth Maladi

5) Darth Drear

4) Darth Enraj

3) Darth Wrend

2) Darth Plagueis (The Wise)

1) Darth Millennial

This ranking is indisputable. Thank you for your time, and happy Revenge of the Fifth to one and all.


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