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Amazon Prime Video is ready to entertain with a bunch of new content in July 2020.

In terms of TV, this month will welcome new seasons of Amazon originals Hanna and Absentia as well as a Jim Gaffigan comedy special based on his travels across the globe. If you’re searching for a throwback drama, you’ll be glad to know all five seasons of Freeform’s The Fosters will also be added to the streaming service.

When it comes to movies, Prime Video is adding a couple of original films to its lineup including Radioactive, a biographical drama based on physicist and chemist Marie Curie. Older hits debuting on the platform include Hitch, Big Fish, The Weekend, Pineapple Express, Megamind, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and Vivarium.

Check out everything coming to Prime Video in July 2020 below.

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Expanding upon the 2011 Saoirse Ronan film of the same name, Hanna has a 15-year-old who has been trained as a skilled killer in isolation, attempting to shake off the CIA agent set on tracking her down. In the second season, Hanna discovers the dark secrets behind her origins and must navigate The Meadows, a facility filled with others like her.

The trailer promises an action-packed story, intriguing new locations, and coming-of-age themes. The slick cinematography is an attractive bonus, so if you enjoyed Season 1 (or need a little thrill) it might be worth a watch.

How to watch: Hanna begins streaming July 3 on Amazon Prime Video.


52 Pick-Up (7/1)
Ali (7/1)
An Eye For An Eye (7/1)
Anaconda (7/1)
Big Fish (7/1)
Bug (7/1)
Buried (7/1)
Cold War (7/1)
Edge Of Darkness (7/1)
First Cow (7/10) — available for purchase
Flashback (7/1)
Good Deeds (7/27)
Hitch (7/1)
Hollowman (7/1)
Iron Eagle IV – On The Attack (7/1)
Marianne & Leonard: Words Of Love (7/19)
Megamind (7/1)
Midnight In Paris (7/1)
Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (7/1)
Panic Room (7/1)
Phase IV (7/1)
Pineapple Express (7/1)
Rabbit Hole (7/1)
Radioactive (7/24)
Shakuntala Devi: The Human Computer (7/15)
Sliver (7/1)
Spanglish (7/1)
Starting Out In The Evening (7/1)
The Bounty (7/1)
The Devil’s Rejects (7/1)
The Eye (7/1)
The Eye 2 (7/1)
The Forbidden Kingdom (7/1)
The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister & Pete (7/1)
The Tourist (7/7)
The Weekend (7/15)
The Weekend (7/15)
Vivarium (7/11)


Absentia: Season 3 (7/17)
Animal Kingdom: Season 4 (7/29)
Antiques Roadshow: Season 17 (7/1)
Arthur: Season 1 (7/1)
Bates Around the World: Season 1 (7/1)
Beyond the Pole: Season 1 (7/1)
Frankie Drake Mysteries: Season 1 (7/1)
Hanna: Season 2 (7/3)
Hidden: Season 1 (7/1)
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie (7/24)
Instinto: Season 1 (7/1)
Jim Gaffigan: Pale Tourist (7/24)
Lego City Adventures: Season 1 (7/1)
Lone Ranger: Season 1 (7/1)
Modus: Season 1 (7/1)
Public Enemy: Season 1 (7/1)
Suits: Season 9 (7/1)
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: Season 1 (7/1)
The Fosters: Seasons 1-5 (7/6)

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