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What still works in these United States of America? Not a whole lot, according to Saturday Night Live.

The latest SNL cold open, also the first of 2021, starts things off with a step away from the direct political parody that became a (debatable) gold mine for the show during the Donald Trump era. Instead, the eight-minute sketch delivers a Kate McKinnon-hosted talk show called “What Still Works?”

As each brief segment cycles through some of the most pressing topics on Americans’ minds in January 2021 — including the detestable words and views of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, the “GameStonk” blitz, and the almost-too-late maneuvers by Big Tech to de-fang Trump — to remind us all that actually no, the USA isn’t in such great shape at the moment.

The day is seemingly saved when one of the country’s sole truly functional star arrives: Tom Brady (John Krasinski). Definitely an uncomplicated guy with nothing dark or questionable in his history, right?