There’s not many things more annoying then trying to log onto one of your online accounts and realising that you’ve forgotten the password. Especially when most of us only have a few passwords that we just rotate – which makes hackers’ lives easier. 

Thankfully, getting one of the best password managers is a straightforward way to ensure you don’t forget your password and maintain your online security. 

And with Keeper Security’s latest offer this just became quite affordable – the provider has got 50% off on all three password managing plans

Each plan suits different needs, so if you’re looking for the most cost-cutting option, you could get away with paying a mere $14.99 for a whole year of the Keeper Unlimited Plan

The plan comes with plenty too – it helps you generate super secure passwords, login with fingerprint or Face ID and much more. Or if you want more complex features why not sign up to the Family Bundle (more details below)? 

Not only are these great discounts, they’re all on a provider which we rank the third best overall password manager (see our full Keeper Password Manager review here). It’s a premium product which alerts you if any of your passwords are weak, has 24/7 customer support and much more.

Still not sold? Keep reading to get all three deals in full.

These ace password security deals in full:

Keeper Unlimited Plan | $29.99 $14.99 a year | 1 user | 50% off
This is ideal for individual use as it only allows for one user per account, yet it’s still feature packed. With this plan you’re looking at getting automatically generated secure passwords, stored identity and payment information, emergency access and more. All of this for $14.99 a year or the equivalent of just over $1.20 a month.View Deal

Keeper Family Plan | $59.99 $29.99 a year | 5 users | 50% off
Excellent value for money, this plan allows for multiple users (up to five on one device) so it’s great for families or groups trying to break down the costs. For $29.99 a year or the equivalent of $3 a month – you’re looking at getting an extra 10GB secure file storage, a web app, emergency access, unlimited storage of identity and payment information, secure record sharing and plenty more.
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Keeper Breachwatch Plan | $59.97 $29.99 a year | 1 user | 50% off
Deemed by Keeper Security as the provider’s best plan, the Breachwatch Bundle is ideal for anyone looking for an all inclusive plan on password managing. With this deal you’d be getting everything in the Keeper Breachwatch plan, a KeeperChat private messenger (so you can chat securely and privately online), secure file storage and a BreachWatch dark web monitoring! This last feature is especially impressive as it constantly scans your Keeper Vaults for passwords that may have been exposed on the dark web and if so you’ll be notified immediately.
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