TLDR: DarwinMail puts order into your Google email box by automating your email organization — and cutting hours of your unneeded busy work.

On an average day in an average week, it probably doesn’t even register with most people. But when you take a vacation…or heck, just take a long lunch one day…then you see exactly how quickly your work email box starts to fill up.

On a normal day last year, the average office worker received about 128 emails. That number has been on a steady incline for years and will likely continue its upward trajectory through 2020. Thankfully, many are spam or assorted junk that doesn’t matter. But that still likely leaves dozens of emails every day that have to be dealt with, either at some point, at some point soon, or even right freaking now.

If you use Gmail or handle your emails from a Google Inbox, then DarwinMail is ready to automatically start dealing with your email pileup. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to a DarwinMail Pro plan for over 85 percent off the regular price, just $39.99 from TNW Deals.

Once you’re on-board, DarwinMail spins up a host of tools that will shave off the time that you have to spend dealing with email.

With a handful of clicks, DarwinMail will start “bundling” all of your incoming correspondence, organizing and sorting new mail by category, sender or subject. With those new behaviors in place, you can set some emails to snooze to deal with later, send reminder notes for ones that demand attention at a certain time or pin critical messages so they stay right on your screen at all times.

You’ll also be able to fashion templates that can be slightly modified and reused over and over, saving hours of your time. There’s a dark mode, that reduces eye strain by dimming the lights in your email box. And best of all, there’s an Unsend feature that allows you to automatically recall a sent email if you decide to bring it back within your set timeframe.

DarwinMail may not be able to do all of your email work for you, but it’ll handle enough of the organizational stuff that the rest probably won’t seem quite so daunting. Priced at $300 for a lifetime subscription, this offer gets you coverage on up to three accounts for only $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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