TLDR: Enter now to win a grand worth of free food deliveries in The $1,000 DoorDash Gift Card Giveaway.

Just because restaurants and businesses in the U.S. are reopening in the wake of coronavirus shutdowns, that doesn’t mean most Americans are ready to rush back to their pre-COVID routines just yet.

According to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research study, 83 percent of Americans are at least somewhat concerned that lifting restrictions will lead to more infections, with 54 percent saying they’re very or extremely concerned that reopenings will cause a spike of COVID-19 cases.

While we all want life to get back to normal, there’s also something to be said for playing it safe. Winning a truckload of free deliveries from all your favorite reopened local restaurants thanks to The $1,000 DoorDash Gift Card Giveaway contest is really the best of both worlds.

By now, you’re no stranger to DoorDash. Just breeze through their easy to navigate app, find your favorite nearby eateries, browse their menus, make your picks, and before you know it, your order arrives on your doorstep, ready to eat. Of course, the best part of this offer is that you don’t pay for a penny of it.

Meanwhile, you not only keep your household well-fed and safe during all this uncertainty, your order is also helping to support your local businesses who are so desperately in need of customers. With $1,000 in DoorDash fun money, it’s the greatest win-win imaginable.

Entering to win is simple and there’s no purchase required. Just put your name in the contest entry form and click. Done. There’s even an opportunity to get a second entry by talking a friend or family member (also 21 years of age or older) into joining the giveaway as well. Then just be the lucky person whose entry is drawn — and you’re eating very, very well.

There are only a few days left to enter, so make sure you get your registration in by June 16. Keep your fingers crossed!

Prices are subject to change.

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