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Since lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders began rolling out, many people across the globe have had one dominant thing on their minds and feeds: making bread.

It’s come up a lot for The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, who got deep on sourdough with Jake Gyllenhaal just a few weeks back. And on Monday, he had a wonderfully honest chat about life during lockdown with Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani, in which they got to the heart of why people are obsessed with baking their own loaves right now — asking people for photos of their bread on Twitter is one of Nanjiani’s “things that made you cry this week” in his podcast, Staying In with Emily & Kumail.

“Just the pride that people had in what they had made, this really small thing, you know, we’re in this world where everything’s out of our control but they’re making these loaves of bread. And it just made me cry for three days straight,” said Nanjiani.

“It’s the staff of life. You want to do something that’s useful and nourishing and a creation at the same time — and simple. In all this chaos and uncertainty you want to do something simple and beautiful,” replied Colbert.

Want to try it? We’ve got a heap of guides and recipes here, here, and here.