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Udemy is offering a wide range of free coding courses.

Udemy is offering a wide range of free coding courses.

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TL;DR: A wide range of coding courses and tutorials are available for free on Udemy.

Another day, another batch of free courses have been made available on Udemy. Fresh from releasing a wide range of AWS-centric courses and tutorials for nothing, Udemy has now launched free courses on coding. The only difference is that you’ll need some codes this time around.

This could be your best chance to seriously expand your knowledge on this important subject, and possibly kickstart a career in coding. These courses are generally listed at over £50, so this really is a great opportunity to save.

We’ve checked out everything on offer on Udemy as of Feb. 22, and highlighted a selection of standout courses to get you started:

All of these codes expire on Feb. 23, so we recommend acting fast if you find something you like. Learn to code for free with Udemy.

Learn to code with the best free courses and tutorials on Udemy

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