Grab your earbuds, and listen to the iconic theme song from Animal Crossing: New Horizons performed at home by the musicians who created the catchy tune.

Nintendo uploaded a video today showing the musicians re-creating the wholesome, soothing tropical theme that plays each time you launch the game to continue exploring your island life. The video is every bit as relaxing to watch as the song is to listen to, with the musicians slowly bobbing along to the calming track.

The video is edited to clearly show you which instruments are being used at any given time, unlike the recent at-home performance of Cowboy Bebop’s opening theme. But similar to the Cowboy Bebop video, the performance shares two of the same musicians.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out on March 20th and sold over 11 million copies by the end of March. As the coronavirus pandemic keeps many of us home and separated from loved ones, the game offered a way to stay sane through these troubled times, pulling players into a virtual safe haven.

Players have gotten pretty creative within the game, creating their own mock trailers for horror films, chronicling their island life and progress through journals, and even celebrating their birthdays. There’s an Animal Crossing late-night talk show that gives Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert a run for their money, and the Detroit Lions even used the game to announce their entire 2020 schedule.