Following a nearly year-long campaign for YouTube to deplatform Onision, the controversial creator claimed he was leaving the platform himself — for OnlyFans. 

Onision, who goes by both Gregory Jackson or James Jackson, faces accusations of grooming and emotional abuse from multiple women, many of whom say their relationships started when they were teenagers. Several women discussed their experiences with Onision on To Catch A Predator host Chris Hansen’s live YouTube show, Have a Seat with Chris Hansen

Patreon banned Onision from its platform in late 2019 for alleged doxxing, and Twitch has also struck down his account, though it now appears to be back up. Advocates have been pushing YouTube to do the same since allegations against Onision came to light. Onision still has accounts on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, though the revenue opportunities for those are much lower than for sites likes Patreon, Twitch, YouTube, and OnlyFans.

When Patreon banned Onision, shutting off a considerable amount of income, the YouTuber responded by posting a series of disturbing, nonsensical videos. He joined OnlyFans, which allows users to post explicit content for paying subscribers, in April. 

In a video titled “bye” posted to his secondary channel OnisionSpeaks, the creator claimed that he preferred posting on OnlyFans over YouTube. 

“I recently became an ‘adult model’ aka a ‘porn star’ and I realized something,” Onision wrote in the video, which included his viral song “I’m a Banana.” “I like being an ‘adult model’ more than I ever liked being a YouTuber.” 

He added that being a YouTuber was “pretty much always humiliating,” and directed viewers to his OnlyFans page, where he posts explicit photos of himself and animated videos. His OnlyFans has about 17,000 likes total. 

It isn’t clear whether he’s leaving the platform for good — his channel is still public and his videos are still monetized. When reached for comment, Onision directed Mashable to his OnlyFans DMs, which are only open to paying subscribers. 

OnlyFans did not respond to multiple requests for comment.