The OnePlus 8 and costlier siblings that released last month have both the power and the screen chutzpah to take them into any best gaming smartphones lists. Now things got better as these models support 90 frames per second (fps) gameplay. 

And Epic Games Fortnite would be the first game where mobile gamers will experience the highest-ever frame rates. The rollout of the 90 fps is currently underway with the One Plus 8 series becoming the first line of smartphones to run Fortnite on the Unreal Engine at 90 fps. 

Announcing the partnership between OnePlus 8 and Epic Games, Pete Lau, Founder and CEO of OnePlus said his company has the best devices for mobile gaming as a result of its display, speedy performance and overall user experience that is designed for power-users. 

The 90 fps is a first on smartphones at present, but it would not be long before other brands pick up the gauntlet, given that gaming as a service is something that most mobile networks are banking on while moving from 4G LTE to 5G in the weeks and months ahead. 

It is not as though there aren’t smartphones capable of a 90Hz refresh rate, however when it comes to the Indian consumer, this gives another reason for them to buy the OnePlus 8 (Pre-book on Amazon) which launched in the Indian markets earlier this month. 

Is there a catch though?

However, there is a small catch. While the smartphone may be compatible, the game itself is currently undergoing upgrades to accommodate the higher refresh rates that devices will now be offering. Whether it requires an update or not, we will know soon. 

Even if there is one, it is hardly a price to pay for the much smoother and subtler experience that the higher screen refresh rate provides. Of course, the upgrade isn’t going to enhance the resolution graphics. Gamers prefer smooth animations, lower latency and the least distractions to get best results and high frame rates provide this. 

Though no exact date for the changeover has been mentioned, the fact remains that the decision to enter a partnership between a gaming company and a mobile player could be the harbinger of many more such deals to come and gamers should be a happy lot for this change. 

A joint operation for the future

Currently, OnePlus users with the OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro can play Fortnite at a maximum of 60 FPS, the previous highest performance for the mobile game.

The exclusive partnership between Epic and OnePlus means that both companies worked together to optimise the refresh rates for a specific brand of smartphones and even more specifically focused on a single series. Going forward, gaming companies may well work on building such optimisation with other brands or a uniform build that works with every smartphone. 

The takeaway from this move is that the future looks bright for more such associations between smartphone makers and gaming companies.