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Technology and software are such a huge part of the modern vehicle ownership experience that it’s big news when an automaker makes a change. 

Porsche, a company far better known for its world-class sports cars, SUVs, and electric cars, just announced updates to PCM, its infotainment software. For its sixth version, Porsche Communication Management gets a new look and improved functionality for Taycan EV owners.

The system, which comes standard in the 911, Taycan, Cayenne, and Panamera, picks up new functionality and a fresh interface with the update. 

Porsche says the sixth-generation software now offers better voice recognition, Spotify integration for the first time, an updated interface with a new look, wireless Android Auto capability, and improved navigation functions for the Taycan with better charging planning functions.

PCM 6.0 integrates Spotify for the first time, which allows customers with a premium subscription to link their accounts to their vehicle using their Porsche ID. 

Spotify can then be selected as a media source to stream directly without a smartphone. 

The Spotify app gives PCM users access to music and podcasts with much of the functionality from the smartphone app, including likes, saved playlists and the new ‘Go to Radio’ function, which sources similar songs to the one currently playing.

Porsche Taycan owners get better trip planning elements in the new system to help create optimized routes for travel and vehicle charging. The algorithm prioritizes high-output chargers of 150 kW and up and plans the route accordingly. 

Porsche says that the software takes the time required to start and end charging at a station into account when displaying total driving time as well. A zoom function allows users to view all available charging stations in an area and whether or not they are in use.

There’s no word on whether PCM 6.0 will be made available to current Porsche owners, either via over-the-air updates or dealer service department. All new 911, Taycan, Panamera, and Cayenne models will get the software in the coming weeks.