Ever since the Covid-19 lockdown, PUBG Mobile has kept gamers busy, bringing several new modes of competition. Now, the gaming company announced that the next major update will arrive on June 1 in the form of a new Mysterious Jungle mode for all players. 

The company has teased the next major update for a while now and shared a tweet from its official handle that was as mysterious as the title of the mode. Obviously the update would be based on the Sanhok map and players will be paired up in teams of two who will be seeking clues for an in-game treasure. 

And while the treasure hunt is on, the players would also be required to keep track of enemies who too are seeking the treasure and battling them to get to it first. What appears a certainty is that since the new addition is based on the Sanhok map, the game would involve lots of jungle warfare. 

We do recall that PUBG had started teasing this new mode about two weeks ago. To be precise around the time the Royale Pass for Season 13 was released. Then, it was titled Jungle Adventure mode with totems in attendance to bless the players. There were also rumours that surveillance balloons will make an appearance on the game. 

The mode would feature the normal classic match but could also have some additions to the battlefield such as jungle food and the above-mentioned hot air balloons. The jungle food would be a provider of mysterious effects to players who consume these while traversing the Mysterious Jungle. We have to wait and watch what exactly would be these effects that Tencent is speaking about. 

In recent times, PUBG mobile has added two additional modes, including the Arctic mode for the Vikendi map where players brace up for the blistering cold weather to get the Bluehole mode for the Erangel map. In the second mode, players have to be cautious of blue Blue Zones that occur both outside and inside the safe zones. There was also the Miramar Map that got updated recently as Mad Miramar

Earlier this month, Tencent Games had opened registrations for PUBG Mobile India Series 2020, considered one of the biggest eSports tournaments in the country. There would be 256 teams competing for online qualifications besides direct invitations. 

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