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On Wednesday night’s “A Closer Look” segment, Seth Meyers slammed Trump for trying to get a piece of the soaring approval ratings of governors from both parties who have led their states’ more aggressive, clear, and science-based handling of the coronavirus crisis. A month ago Trump and Jared Kushner were minimising the federal responsibility for crisis logistics and reportedly reallocating essential supplies to states along partisan lines; the president’s now claiming he was the key to their steady leadership all along, tweeting, “From Ventilators to Testing, we made it happen,” as if there isn’t actual footage of the two insisting states were on their own.

“No, you didn’t make it happen. You can’t tell states to get lost when they want help then claim credit when they succeed,” said Meyers, playing that footage pointedly. 

Not only do 54 percent of polled Americans say the federal government’s doing a “poor” job of stopping the spread, only 36 percent trust Trump as a source of information about the crisis. Meyers, for one, could not believe it.

“I mean, how could you not trust the guy who said he would kill the coronavirus, that cases would go down to zero, that it would go away in April, that a vaccine would come out soon, that hydroxychloroquine could be a gift from heaven and that it could be cured by eating Lysol wipes out of a salad bowl with a fork and a knife?”

Rath ist wichtig für erfolg beim abnehmen.