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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommends that you wear a cloth face covering when you leave your home. Practicing social distancing can be tough in places like the grocery store or pharmacy, and while a cloth mask doesn’t provide the same protection as a medical mask (which should be reserved for healthcare workers), it can help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

When it comes to these face coverings, you can make your own or buy an already-made mask. Face masks have been a little hard to come by, so we’ve rounded up where you can find one to purchase. Reminder that a cloth face mask should have multiple layers of fabric to work effectively.

Practice social distancing in style.

Practice social distancing in style.

Image: cotton textile

Etsy is a goldmine for handmade items, so it’s no surprise that tons of creators are offering cloth face masks right now. There are a bunch of patterns and styles to choose from, so here are a few of our faves.

Like Etsy, eBay has multiple sellers offering reusable cloth face masks. It’s a little harder to sift through because a search brings up outdoor activity masks and face coverings, but there are some masks suitable for social distancing purposes as well. Here are a few good ones we found.

The custom T-shirt company has pivoted to face masks and has two different buying options. Grab a family pack of 12 for $30 or a team pack of 120 for $240.

Yes, Vistaprint, the place where you’ve probably ordered business cards or invitations, has gotten into the mask game. These masks are durable, come in different patterns, and feature a replaceable filter system. There are also kids’ sizes to keep your children’s faces covered. Kids masks cost $13, while adult versions cost $18.

Shami Oshun is an independent fashion designer who specializes in 3D printing and color-changing fabrics. While her color-changing face masks have sold out, she is currently offering nude face masks to match skin tones, and Oshun donates a mask for every one purchased.

This pack comes with three cotton face masks featuring adjustable nose wiring to form to your face. There are a few different color options available, costing $30 for a three-pack.

The designer bag company has also made the pivot to face masks, offering packs of five non-medical grade masks that are made with recycled scrap materials from its production line. Because of the high demand, these masks are expected to ship April 17 through May 4. The five-pack costs $25.

Banggood has cloth masks, disposable masks, and face shields. It’s a one-stop shop for face coverings. You can buy single pieces or shop in bulk.

Fashion brand, Daniel Patrick is selling masks in some of its signature fabrics. A single mask costs $25 or you can get a free one on orders of $50 or more using the code MASK.

With the option to make a one-time purchase or subscribe on a monthly basis, MaskClub brings a unique angle to the mask industry right now. There are tons of prints featuring licensed brands like NASA, Batman, and Hello Kitty. Plus, every mask purchased results in a medical-grade mask being donated to those on the frontline. A one-time purchase is $13.99, while the subscription costs $9.99 per month.

These dual-layer masks have adjustable straps and metal nose pieces to ensure a snug fit on your face. Each mask comes with an activated carbon filter to block airborne contaminants. You can buy a single, pair, or four-pack and choose from a handful of colorways, starting at $10.

LA-based, New Republic has joined the shift to face mask production. A three-pack of cotton masks from the brand costs $12, and for every mask sold, one is donated to help the LA community.

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