Batteries – who needs ’em, right? Among the best Black Friday deals live right now, it’s no surprise that fancier tech like earbuds, TVs and games consoles are the products stealing the headlines.

But only a fool would underestimate the value of a good old Duracell multi-pack. Like that superfluous utensil buried away in your kitchen drawer, you may only find yourself reaching for a set of batteries a handful of times each year – but with Christmas just around the corner, one of those occasions is sure to rear its ugly head in the coming weeks. 

Luckily, Amazon has slashed the price of Duracell’s best batteries in time for Black Friday. You can grab a pack of 18 AA batteries for just $11.19 (down from $19.99), or a pack of 18 AAA batteries for a similarly low $10.24 (also down from $19.99).

Those are savings of 44% and 49%, respectively – and you just know that batteries will shoot back up to RRP in the weeks before the big man slides down the chimney.

Today’s best Black Friday battery deals

Look, nobody is saying these are the most exciting deals in the world. But when your little ones are stamping their feet because Father Christmas didn’t include any batteries in their Polly Pocket drive-thru set, then you’ll thank us for flagging them.

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