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Switch up your #OOTD.
Switch up your #OOTD.

Image: Mango Drip

TL;DR: Make your own personalized mask with the 3D Printed Filtration Mask Kit with Filters for $21, a 29% savings as of May 25.

It’s now mandatory to include a mask in your #OOTD if you’re planning to leave the house at any point. When you need to do a quick grocery run, stop at the bank, or run an errand to a place where social distancing isn’t possible, the CDC suggests that cloth masks be used. But as adorable as the masks your mom or neighbor sews may be, do they really provide a comfortable fit or survive even a single trip through the washing machine? It might be time to up your game.

The Montana Mask is a 3D-printable filtration mask that can fit most faces snugly and can be sanitized between uses with just alcohol wipes. Each mask comes with a kit of materials so you can customize the mask specifically to fit your face. It also includes MERV13 filters, capable of delivering a high filtration rate that blocks particles smaller than one micron in size, all maintaining good airflow so you won’t have difficulty breathing. If you’ve tried jogging with a mask made out of an old bathrobe, you know this is key for your longterm happiness.

The kit is also equipped with an elastic headband, adjustable headband clips, and rubber nose piece for a snug, comfortable fit. That way, when you wear it while running errands, you won’t have to keep adjusting it throughout the day.

We’re in it for the long haul so maybe it’s time to get yourself a mask that really fits. A kit with five filters is on sale for a limited time for only $21 — 29% off the usual cost of $29.99.

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