TLDR: The Meetquo Remote Meeting platform strips out what you don’t need in digital meetings while allowing for more input and increased understanding for all team members.

Now more than ever, you’re probably acutely aware of a curious fact about work from home life. Meetings, even digital ones, are an enormous timesuck. 

No one would question that staying in touch with members of your work team is not only important, it’s vital in today’s fragmented business world. But those meetings also tend to drone on forever, often losing direction and spiraling into digressions that can kill 30 minutes, an hour or maybe even more.

Meetquo is dedicated to the idea that meetings should improve productivity, not grind it to a halt. With this offer, you can take advantage of the Meetquo Remote Meeting Platform for life for as low as $49.99, a savings of over 90 percent from TNW Deals.

Rather than trying to coordinate schedules for everyone who needs to be in a meeting, Meetquo meetings are asynchronous, meaning they happen on your time. Think of them as an email chain on steroids with all the advantages of an in-person meeting.

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With Meetquo, you create a meeting document, loop in your participants, then let members make proposals or exchange feedback in their own time. Rather than just type a response, you can even shoot a quick video reply to better put your thoughts across to the group.

Unlike real-time meetings where some participants do all the talking, while others are afraid to jump in with an opinion, a Meetquo meeting gives everyone a chance to have their say. Once the group reaches a conclusion, you can summarize the end result and have everyone sign the archived meeting document, ensuring everyone is on the same page about the final fate of your discussion points.

Rather than wasting valuable time with scheduling, technical glitches and other obstructions, Meetquo can help you streamline your discussions and crystalize your findings, all while fitting more easily into everyone’s day-to-day routine and events.

Regularly $1,200, a lifetime of Meetquo Remote Meeting access for up to five participants is available now for only $49.99. You can also get similar savings on plans for meetings with up to 10 users ($79.99) or even 20 users ($99.99).

Prices are subject to change.

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