It might not be an entirely new idea, but it is a good one: a laptop case that turns into a stand.

I’ve written before about how useful having a laptop stand is, especially if you’re working from home or somewhere else not really set-up like an office. Which, I’m pretty sure, is what most of the world is going through right now.

But if you’re out and about, do you want to carry around a laptop case AND stand? Possibly: I have no idea about your personal habits. Yet it’d be easier if they were both one thing, right?

Well, that’s why the MOFT Carry Sleeve was invented:

MOFT Carry laptop case that turns into a stand

As you can see from the GIF — and in case you had any doubts — this is definitely a laptop case that turns into a stand. It does so using what I’d refer to as an origami technique, which is both satisfying to watch and, hopefully, easy to use.

Now, I’ve used a Moft laptop stand for a while now and have been genuinely impressed. At first I thought it looked gimmicky and flimsy, but after spending some serious time with it (I’m currently writing this piece using the stand to support my laptop), it’s proven a reliable and seamless bit of hardware.

The Moft Carry Sleeve isn’t the first laptop case that turns into a stand I’ve come across, but it is definitely the slickest and best-looking I’ve seen. It can be used at two angles — 15° and 25° — to make sure your neck doesn’t get mangled.

Material-wise, it’s made from a scratch-resistant polyurethane (AKA fake leather) and neoprene.

The Moft Carry Sleeve comes in a range of colors (I’m not gonna use the marketing names, but it includes black, brown, blue, and whatever the hell “classic nude” is) and comes in sizes suitable for laptops between 11 and 16 inches.

The company is launching it on Indiegogo today and, while its regular price is $59, you can get some early bird deals. Still, never forget that buying anything on a crowdfunding site is a risk, and it’s not guaranteed the thing you put your money behind will ever even ship.

However you feel about it though, a laptop case that turns into a stand is more impressive that most things I can do. And that’s worth something.

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Published June 29, 2020 — 14:04 UTC

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