I was absolutely mind-blown when I first discovered the not-so-hidden Chrome dinosaur game. I’ll never forget that moment, because I spent the next several hours playing it — without even taking a break. I just loved how simple and unassuming it was. But now I’ve found something even simpler and more unassuming.

Enter TitleRun, a micro-game that exists entirely in your browser‘s title bar (not to be confused with the URL bar, which is the mistake I first made). The game works best in Chrome or Firefox on desktop, but it’ll also run on mobile.

The goal is pretty simple, use the spacebar (or the up arrow) to jump over the obstacles until you reach the end. There are also three different maps you can choose between — you can click 1, 2, or 3 on your keyboard before you’ve started the game to select one. Once you’re done, simply click “R” to start again.

TitleRun comes with its own booklet, which you can add to your bookmark bar. Each time you click it, it will load up the game in the title bar on any site — whether it be Wikipedia, YouTube, or any other site (I couldn’t get it to run on a “new tab” page though).

Now go try out TitleRun by clicking here.

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