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Earlier this month, we reported that Twitter is rolling out a ‘schedule tweet’ option to some users. Now, the social network is making the feature available for all desktop users, so you can set tweets to be published at a time of your choosing.

The company said that apart from scheduling, it will also allow users to it will also let you save drafts of your tweets in the web app. However, you’ll be able to see them only through a web client and not on your mobile app.

Here’s how you can use Twitter’s scheduling option:

  • Go to Twitter’s site on your desktop.
  • Type your tweet, and click the schedule button (the one with a calendar icon) in your Compose box.
Credit: Twitter
Twitter schedule tweet
  • Set the date and time for when you want to send the tweet. You can also look at all your scheduled drafts through the Scheduled Tweets button and delete the ones you no longer need.
Tweet scheduling time/date
Tweet scheduling time/date

This feature will help schedule tweets to wish someone on their birthday — if you’re feeling sleepy or generally forgetful.

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