Even before social distancing kept us inside, you probably ordered food delivery for a friend from your account at one point. And while it wasn’t the most complicated thing to pull off, now Uber Eats has a button to simplify the process. 

Starting Wednesday, you can click the “Share this delivery” option at the top of the Uber Eats app and it’ll give you a tracker link to send to your friend if you sent a food (or drink) order to their house.  The sharing option will be available on all updated apps where Uber Eats is available globally

Here’s how it works: When your friend opens the shared link in a browser window, it’ll show where in the delivery process that surprise treat is in real time. The feature will function the same for close friends who live nearby or even for parents who are in a different state. That said, you will still need to pay for the order and apply a tip, thank you very much.

If you’re itching to test out the new feature, Mother’s Day is Sunday. Just a reminder.

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