Elizabeth Warren’s very good dog, Bailey, is celebrating his birthday with a delicious treat that puts any cake to shame: a birthday burrito.

On Friday, Warren shared a video on social media of Bailey chowing down on his birthday burrito in their Cambridge, Massachusetts home — straight off of the carpet, might we add.

In the video, Warren and her husband Bruce can be heard singing to Bailey and Warren gently asks him, “Are you a happy birthday boy?”

I think it’s clear the answer is yes.

“This year, we learned Bailey really likes burritos. For his birthday today, we treated him to one with his name on it. Happy Birthday, Bailey!” Warren captioned the post.

Those who kept close eyes on the 2020 election campaign trail likely know all about Bailey. Warren adores her furry pal and frequently shares updates about him on social media. But Bailey truly gained viral fame back in March when Warren suspended her presidential campaign.

After being set free from the stresses of maintaining potential First Dog etiquette, Bailey straight-up stole and scarfed down a Warren staffer’s burrito. 

Bailey’s iconic antics rightfully went viral and it’s nice to see that he’s being properly rewarded for the cute, relatable move on his big day.

Shortly after Warren shared Bailey’s birthday post to Instagram, she shared a video of him sprawled out and stretching on the floor to her Instagram Story.

“Hey bud. C’mon Bail, can you wake up boy? Oh. Oh, is your tummy full of burrito?” she asked.

We hope Bailey comes out of his food coma soon and had his best birthday yet.

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