In his latest cry for attention, Elon Musk is raging on Twitter. 

The Tesla CEO kicked off Friday morning by tweeting that the Tesla stock price was “too high,” wiping billions of dollars of worth from the company’s valuation. Before he tweeted, MarketWatch reports, the company was valued at $141 billion. After Musk tweeted, the valuation dropped to $133 billion. 

Musk then began ranting about freedom, tweeted the lyrics to the “Star-Spangled Banner,” and claimed that he was selling his possessions because he was devoting himself to Mars and Earth. 

And while Musk is known for his incomprehensible tweets, this tantrum is in response the the continuation of stay-at-home orders around the country. Earlier this week, he complained that the social distancing mandates were “anti-American.” But California’s safer at home order also means that Musk’s Tesla factories aren’t allowed to reopen until at least June. 

It’s a hell of a way to prepare for his baby with Grimes. The singer has been private about her pregnancy, and confirmed the Musk is the father in an interview with Rolling Stone. In response to a tweet congratulating them on still being together, Musk announced that the baby is due on Monday. 

We’re sure to get more tweetstorms from Musk the longer this pandemic continues.