Dumbbells and resistance bands can really make a difference to your home workouts, which is particularly important when you can’t get to a gym. They’re becoming increasingly difficult to find though, with many retailers running out of stock entirely, or only having a few models left in stock.

Thankfully though, there are still some great options around, with great deals available if you know where to look.

How to buy resistance bands and dumbbells

There’s so much variety when it comes to resistance bands and dumbbells, it can be hard to know which ones to pick, particularly when stock is limited to just a few different options at each retailer.

Olivia Neely, personal trainer at Starks Fitness (currently sharing home workout videos at starksfitnessgym on Instagram and offering free nutrition plans to NHS staff), gives the following advice.

Olivia Neely (Starks Fitness personal trainer):

What with demand being so high, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to buy home workout equipment at a realistic price. That said, it’s not impossible, we just need to be a bit savvier with our purchase choice and to buy a product that offers a variation of usage.

My must-have for resistance training would be a resistance band and a pair of dumbbells. Both pieces of equipment are incredibly versatile, and you’ll be sure to get an effective full body workout. They even work perfectly as a pair. As always, there’s a few options to consider, so here’s some tips to aid your purchase.

Resistance bands: which one?

It can be a mind field deciding which band is the best one to purchase. Booty bands, full body bands, bands with handles, the list goes on.

The purpose of ‘booty’ bands is in the name, these smaller bands are used to work the lower body and add resistance to your glute and leg exercises.

Full body bands are usually thinner and longer to allow you to work on upper body strength as well as some lower body exercises.

Both are inexpensive and are widely available online (delivery time may be your main obstacle) so it would be worthwhile building a collection.

Dumbbells: how to beat the hefty price tag

This widely sought-after equipment can prove a difficult find since lockdown began. What was an affordable addition to your home workout kit has seen sales rocket and now, so has the price tag. It’s no surprise why, as they not only sit neatly in the corner of the room, you can also use them with almost every exercise.

Prices ranges depending on the weight of the kit, and the average 5-10kg weight is often not available. So, what can you do?

Consider buying a lower weight and a full body resistance band (with or without handles). Using the two together offers added resistance, making those 2kg weights feel a whole lot heavier. You can also use methods such as increasing reps, sets, tempo and lessen your rest time to increase the burn even further.

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The best resistance band deals in the US

Black Mountain Products bands | $12.98 at Walmart
This set of three booty bands includes three resistance levels, and comes complete with a door anchor, carry bag (for when lockdown lifts) and a starter guide. The bands are 99% latex free rubber, and are great for getting even more from your lower body exercises.
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Gradient Fitness stretch strap | $15.99 at Walmart
This extra-long full body band has multiple loops all the way along, so you can choose the right one for the exercise you want to perform, and for your height. It has neoprene padded handles to protect your hands (a welcome addition) and is super affordable.
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Booty Glute cloth hip bands | $22.99 at Walmart
If you’re allergic to the latex in most rubber resistance bands, this pair of cloth booty bands might be the perfect solution. They’re extra strong too, and are designed to prevent slipping and rolling. A little more expensive than similar rubber resistance bands, but worth it.
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The best resistance band deals in the UK

Opti Hip resistance bands | £14.99 at Argos
A pair of elastic booty bands that will enhance your lower body workouts without slipping or rolling, this pack includes bands in two sizes (14 inches and 16 inches), making them ideal for different lower body workouts.
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Gaiam Restore kit | £17.49 at John Lewis
This set of three resistance bands is designed for upper and full-body workouts. Each band is a strap rather than a loop, making them a particularly good choice for working on shoulder flexibility. There’s an exercise guide included to help you get started.
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The best dumbbell deals in the US

FILA neoprene hand weight | $26.31 at Walmart
This simple 5lb dumbbell is coated in neoprene to avoid scratching your floor, and has a handy hexagonal shape to stop it rolling out of reach. Its weight its ideal if you’re just getting started, or want to add some extra effort to your resistance band workouts.

Gymenist hand-shaped dumbbells | $9.99 at Walmart
This pair of ergonomic weights might be light (just 2lb each), but as noted above, using them together with a resistance band makes them feel a whole lot heavier. They’re super affordable too, but might sell out quickly, so act fast to grab a set before they go.
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Amazon Basics vinyl dumbbells | $27.99 at Amazon
If you’re looking for something heavier, Amazon Basics has you covered. These simple dumbbells are in stock, and available in 2lb, 10lb, 15lb or 20lb versions. The vinyl covering helps stop them slipping, and the shape prevents accidental rolling.
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The best dumbbell deals in the UK

Men’s Health rubber dumbbell set | £19.99 at Argos
A pair of simple but effective dumbbells, and one of the few sets readily available at Argos. This pair of 5kg weights are coated in latex-free rubber to save your floors from scratches, with a knurled chrome bar for extra grip. They’re available now for delivery throughout the UK, but stock is limited.
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